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This is just the tip of the iceberg friends, ask Billy or Devin for a full copy if you wanna get your ship sunk.


released April 15, 2011

Billy Pedbro, Devins Stuck, Big Spliff, Young Napolean



all rights reserved


MT Orchestra New York, New York

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Track Name: An Old Indian, Sitting, Smiling, Toothless by a Hut
i wish i was a leaf
cows shouldn't eat beef
i think i am a maple tree
the cows should eat me
feelin' syrupy
Track Name: The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock
"Let us go then you and i, when the evening is spread out against the sky like a patient etherized upon a table, let us go through certain half deserted streets the muttering retreats....
we have lingered in chambers of the sea by sea-girls wreathed with seaweed red and brown, till human voices wake us and we drown" -T.S. Eliot
Track Name: Tangerine
tangerine, tangerine, you're turning green, tangerine, so full of seeds and high as can be, you worthless fruit!
tangerine, tangerine, you're gonna see, tangerine, what sittin' round all day will do to you,
you'll rot away, tangerine, become the shade in between dreams, now you know what your life means, there's only one rule to follow..
"no, you can't do what you want"
Track Name: No Sound
wrapped up and packed away, buried in a box, the doorway to your brain is locked
i've been searchin, thats the place i want to be, but im terrified of finding the key
all things i dont want to know
the light i cant bear to see
all the things i dont want to know
a life i dont want to lead

to sleep or the cosmos, or into the sun, i've got no shortage of places to run
but let a simple word fall and i'll drop to the ground
now im dreading everything resembling sound

though nothing you could say would make me move

what once was fading now has gone away, theres a break in time and space
while your heart was aching your world was borne away
to a point that devours everything and holds nothing
Track Name: Ha
the bubble burst
are you hurt? where's your shirt? are you sure?
we're all tryin to be as pure as a bird
"are you sure?"
you know they're just words
Track Name: Life As A Poland Spring Water Bottle
twist off cap, remove the contents
i can feel you changing my context
oh those soft lips and that wet shine
you can feel me coming inside
e-z grip bottles
for on-the-go thirst quenching
forget all the other things
that we wont even mention
'cause you're so tired from all that running
your throats a desert and time is money
and it feels so good to rest in your body
in the pit of your stomach
in your sleepy hair knotty
but slowly comes morning
the light in my tomb
and happy as i am
in time comes the bathroom
Track Name: And Each Long Day Will Pass
thunder cloud looked me in the eye, while moanin with pleasure
and while i trembled the world did sigh, "i think i've seen better"
well i'd never seen such a sight, might never again such a short life, didnt think it'd leave so soon, i fall like a feather on the moon.

so while i wait here, i'm tossin in my grave
in the back of your mind you carry all my mistakes
it was so beautiful, now i just feel ashamed
when the perfect moment leaves it takes a piece of you away, ha

thunder cloud looked me in the eye, a change in the weather, uh oh
and each long day will pass by, bought a dub on credit,
cause i got to thinkin' about all the lies
got tired of the darkness so i got a light
hear the demons croon?
i fall like a feather on the moon

oh beautiful storm, i cant see how this skin and bones love i have can be comforting, so it makes perfect sense that you should leave as i feel that gentle breeze urging you away from me
Track Name: Telescopic!
its a black cloud morning in the dark we expected, you should've slept in my bed, oh wake up darlin!
we drove in silence, i didn't want to go with you, you're wind blowing out the window, Telescopic Heirophobic Calendar pullin me through oh
Track Name: Armchair Wilderness Pt. 1
ARMCHAIR WILDERNESS quietly observes secret bliss, but it don't seem too fun. sometimes i do things without realizing, while realizing things without doing anything.
on olympus, an old patch of dirt turned new,
you wanted to sing so i told you to,
and the wind through the trees sang with you,
i'm so high up here staring into the blue...
and try as i might i can't make out your face
exhale catch a glimpse as the smoke floats away
try as i might i can't make out your face
catch a glimpse in the clouds as they drift away
Track Name: Armchair Wilderness Pt. 2
you act all serious, but this is a contract we're bound to break.
the new overlord instills fear in us in a way that makes us feel safe
"you dont need to be quite sure what it is you're working towards"
i look for you in the emptiness
that view
Track Name: Sydney
did you know that for 20 long hours your body will be free? free blankets and pillows and you'll belong to no country, but no amount of restless sleep or flickering tv could ease the pain in your mind, as your torn between the sky and the sea. in your plane the world seems so far away, the pursuits of us small town kids must seem as pointless as your flight safety guide.

above the ground, your mind is the clouds, hungover and spread out across the distance

its been three long years since the last time you left, on the day of wiki when you crossed the ocean's breadth, and now you're back again. now you're back again. now you're going back again, now you're going back again. well its been fun, setting sun.
in the passenger's limbo old friends leave and never come back, all friends leave and never come back, all feeling leaves and never comes back, all things leave and never come back, come back
Track Name: Jon-a-Dreams
it will come and you will be there