Gaius Baltar

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Track Name: Didn't Want To Go To Space (Seems I'm There Anyway)
didn't want to go t' space tonight come and lay with me inside, the stars sparkle like tears, but ive been stuck in them for years
Track Name: Where Do The Water People Go?
turn to mist or turn to snow, where do the water people go?
Track Name: Melt Away
left out on the lawn i gather up the heat you left behind, like a coffee pot left out too long, soon to be cold and then gone. its high noon in space, melt away
Track Name: Knockin' Over Fences
well i hope you dont confuse my facts cause im getting scared that you'll want it all back, cause im goin' out on a four foot limb today, i'm knockin' over fences in the wake
Track Name: ABK
Track Name: Canal Frog
wait, hold up, we should record this we should record this as intro to canal frog
its recording right now.
its recording right now?
its recording right now.

tell him that you love him oh
all he does is ribbit
now hes drinkin whiskey out the bottle oh
all he does is swig it
im talkin bout the canal frog
all he does is ribbit
Track Name: Rock'n Roll Ralph
Go ralph nader! i hope you win the presidential election!
Track Name: The Map
recognize you
by familiar edges torn
i study you as you unfold
i will harvest you in all your forms
to understand the truth
and to write a paper speculating on marx's theories' implications on the truth and it's relationship to capitalism as a means to alter the truth in a democratic capitalistic society such as the one we reside in and whether complete access to the truth means more truth or distilling of truth since the masses are generally stupid and whether the truth will be held by the bourgeois or the proletariat and other things i dont care about
when i'm done...
and it all feels
so goddamn contrived
feelin kinda swallowed alive

yea i get it,
history repeats itself
so why are you?

fuck everything
or so i'm told
watch the map unfold
Track Name: Ouroboros
oh what a beautiful sideways glance, golden snake ring
that teeth-sunk-into-flesh kind of look you get when you're undressed
and in a sense, you feel it

gone for a while, you know everything i said about the new world?
its a lie
Track Name: Dancey Song
gather up those old bones, wrote another peppy dancey song,
move through, move through it all
Track Name: Feelin' Groovy
i'll love my lover til i find another,
and there we will hover,
disguise it like its undercover,

ill love my new lover
until she bores me
same ol' damn story
uncap my forty

nothings like the movies
though we were feelin' groovy
did it like my duty
you moved right through me

nothings like the movies
theres nothing that can move me
come closer to me
i hope you move right through me
Track Name: The Outside (We Found Within)
GATHER ALL YE ANIMALS and we will climb
blessed in the fire we fall towards
its the outside we found within
Track Name: Gaius Baltar Stumbles Upon Earth, Hits His Head. Out Cold He Dreams Of a Series of Characters With Him On The Moment of Discovery. Upon Waking He Is Horrified By What He Finds
dusky skeleton landscape
a pan to the left on all important characters
their facial expressions vary
a moment you're forced to marry
some eyes bend inwards as if to cry
others, black hole open mouth god stares
some didnt care

many became stone
still the camera pans on
their awed by the place they called "Earth"
Track Name: Skinchanger/Avocado
well you're all green and black
so soft and so mad
you've got a heart that's like steel
and the rest is a meal

you were lookin' so prime
i had to make you all mine
but then i heard through the breeze
they tore you right from your tree
so swallow your pride and just flee
Track Name: Constellations Of Freckles/The Dream pt. 1
a constellation of freckles blinkin in the aether, reflected neath the oceans surface flickering as the waves roll across the projections in steady meter, as each old word rolls out of bed into a predictable grave,

you and i, we stretch our limbs into horizons, the edge of seas, and know we're not ends or beginnings. still the fear returns that with you so distant and happily free, what is there still to talk about? what is there still to burn? we linger on for the view because it is beautiful to see, the forest still ablaze on distant cays, unable to break its gaze, it gazes into me
you told me to wait outside, so i waited for you, quickly the hours passed by and i knew i was fooled. somehow the dark clouds communicated, through yawning or whispering, maybe morse code with the light, somehow they knew how patiently i'd waited, cause it didnt rain til i got inside

oh what a lucky break cause the house was on fire, i headed straight to my room, somehow i knew what i would find, i didn't even look for you.
deep in the belly of a star, or so it would seem, like the snake that ate its tail the blaze fed on the fire as i watched myself asleep
Track Name: The Without (We Found Inside)
me and a couple o' animals had ascended to the top of the mountain in the distance, oh we sang with the stars and baptized in the view we look upon the land as children, but it all looks so far away, blurs in the distance
Track Name: Landfill
led me to the landfill with your mourning i's
singin' sweet songs of the dead angels you piled inside
even the purest kept secret lovers, though beneath the dirt they hide
and i didn't turn to dust, though i grit my teeth and tried

with your ghostlike face and your coastline eyes
i watched you fade 'neath the wet kiss of the tide
in your funeral black dress your breasts fall and rise
and i watch you fly
Track Name: Two String Guitar (Swiss Cheese Sea)
i'm slippin out of focus
and into your hand as we drift across the room,
and if we met the edge i'd face it with you
but its the point you've driven me to.
faces melt away and drip on my shirt
i act surprised you pretend to be hurt.
our tongues come untied and we distract ourselves for a while
each and every lie made you smile

you say "nothing" and i dwell upon "it"
into the secret holes, nobody follows
i try to figure out the shape of my sorrow

the face is staring at me through the swiss cheese of the sea
and when you look at me i can only see the skeleton underneath