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released October 22, 2015



all rights reserved


MT Orchestra New York, New York

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Track Name: Leaky Faucet
There's something getting into the water
it's like we have a rusty pipeline
tastes normal but a little bit saltier
guess i have to treat it with iodine

but that tastes gross kid,
i gotta know, is it even worth it?

someone must've turned on the faucet
pretty sure I left it running,
someone must've stolen my wallet,
lunchmeat, and the kitchen sink

are you a ghost kid?
cause i gotta know, can you show me the ropes kid?

and I spent all of yesterday drinking
but i think i did all my homework,
left it by the kitchen sink though,
which is conveniently overflowing with water

and its a relief kid,
that's how it goes, let the water take it
Track Name: Westeros Can Wait
you know i got choked up on the execution page
well eddard stark is dead and he aint comin back again
the words had such a hard time making sense inside my brain
the author doesnt give a fuck to him its all the same

girl youve got your priorities fucked up on the list
and jorah may have lied to you but he earned your forgiveness
he would stay by your side until the end of days
you had better call him back we both know westeros can wait
Track Name: Who the Doctor Was
take me back and forth in time
turn the water into wine
and we all lose our faith sometimes
it changes right before my eyes

but you the doctor was so cruel
for you, he's burning down the school for you,
the doctor was so cruel for you,
he's burning down the school
Track Name: Ha
The bubble burst,
are you hurt? where's your shirt?
are you sure?
-we're all trying to be as pure as a bird/
are you sure?
-no, they're just words

Track Name: Weathered and Formless
awash in regret,
plumes of sand in the black,
in the tide we're swept
to the tomb of lovers past
and as I'm almost dead
you're half asleep,
from your eyes into my head
i see a city in the sea

we fell too fast
these brief days wont last
will we resurface?
weathered and formless
Track Name: The Queen of One Word Answers
Constructed of constructions
this is some chicken or the egg shit
even the wind and rain
take shelter in the soundness
of some pre-existing structure
on the shelf, it sits there
laughing and touching itself,
and it goes,
cum all over the remains
history carries its past like a cross
yet i remain cool and calm
til I fall out,
see that it's all gone,
"I am the king of questions,
and the queen of one word answers,"
so I go,
Track Name: Time Machine
I'm sorry I fucked up your guitar,
you left it in the living room,
and a good melody is so goddamned hard to find these days,
and all the cough syrup and the ketamine, I found it amazing
i could even get up and out of bed to brush my teeth
in the morning,
and the snake is in the kitchen,
i guess thats where he's gonna stay,
someone's gotta scare the mice away.
Track Name: The Walrus and the Carpenter
o with your silver screen,
waiting for death, only nineteen
and its such a tragedy,
the whalerus and the carpenter kicking their feet

I've got a little bit of money,
it just burns holes in my pants
I've got a tad bit of something else
that I can burn too

deep in your shadow
I fall asleep

oh with your brilliant tongue,
cigarettes and coffee and hte morning almost done
I've got a little gold teeth
I like it like summer and she's like a falling leaf

o how you go to sleep on my shoulder
you breathe like an animal
won't you sleep with me?

it's like an old western movie
and it's only natural to shoot first and ask questions later
but I ask questions to late

(and I guess we like
only sunlight to feel her, to feel hurt)

I asked for water and she gave me gasoline,
you'd be embattled by everyone asking me
Track Name: Norrin Radd
she has come
to destroy our world
she has come
to test out love

she has come
to break my heart

in pink and blue
with eyes full of flame,
"with love so great
filling endless pain,
I come to you,
oh what can I do?"

to take my life,
well is it worth the cost,
to know she's real
and that she's really lost,
to never die?
oh turn me cold,

I am nothing
but a simple scientist,
with the blood of lovers
on my fingertips,
what have i done,
I'll fly into the sun,

how can i survive?
on the other side of the universe I will ride

how can i survive?
on the other side of the universe I will fly

how can I survive?
on the other of the universe I will die