Parallax and Waltzes

by MT Orchestra

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released July 10, 2013

Billy Pedlow
Devin Stack
Chad Oliver
Jordan Smith
Jon Bedard

special thanks to Susana, Kyle Bull on Bass, Tim for emailing me the album cover, Satin for being there when i needed it the most, Carolyn for going the extra mile, evan for being a tech wizard, mjmb, zach, nicky peds, people that devin wishes to thank, Occupy, the dark gods of rock and roll, swagzone crew, everyone whos listened to the album, and all sorts of people that made this almost two years of this album just sitting around a good time

sidebar: I have no one to thank other than the immortal robert pollard



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MT Orchestra New York, New York

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Track Name: Ten Inch Balcony
in the early morning,
barely rolled outta bed
and im already stoned.
there are silvery phantoms
with their hands all pocketed
bundled up in coats
so I step out onto my ten inch balcony
to feel the cold
and i pick up the appropriate jacket
gather my things and go,
and suddenly I’m on the train,
the purple people eaters are going insane
they cant stop laughing at an advertisement
on the ceiling,
on Dr. Zizmor’s face, theres a strategically placed penis
and I laugh too,
at least we all still have feeling
my mind drifts away as I try to conjure up a face
that i had dwelled upon
it comes to me in fragments
but it’s form evades me
like a dream from the night before
and then I get into my classic routine
of staring into space
(it was a pretty place x3)
and now I can call your face to mind with ease,
but I’m stuck on other things,
do i have enough evil inside me to take what i want?
does she have enough evil inside her to keep me
wanting her for long?
and suddenly I’m at eighth avenue,
that ain’t where I was headed to,
so I sit around and write this song
it’ll hold off boredom for long enough,
can’t wait to go home to my ten inch balcony
Track Name: Second Impression
so I wait for another train
just like I do every day
focus on the music that
barely keeps me awake,

through half closed eyes
I see a grey mist rise
“yea, enveloping the fuzzy figures,
and your one and only sappy singer,
then I move on.”

no one noticed it,
or thats how it seems
its seeped into our reali-DEE
“quiet down youre feeling fine
it’s a contract nobody signs,
you knew about it.”

so now im suspicious
but this burger is delicious,
and no one wants to risk
their comforts
oh see how we flock
“cmon, you’re a lucky one
born a free american,
but now that you brought it up
you’re only free when you self destruct.”
Track Name: The Written Word
I said it myself im real hard to please
i dont try to make sense of my inconsistencies
but thats the easy way of going about it
im sure if you knew you’d probably undersatnd
that the world is too small to be taken by more than one hand.
I thought it out right i thought it out well
but when i wrote it didnt make sense except to itself/
i tried to revise i tried to make changes
i tried to dot my i’s and meddle with phrases
but i never really understood too much about the written word
its too hard to understand, its even harder to pick up on
a slow beat will make it possible to predict or understand
Track Name: Vector Squad
vector squad,
lets have another beer,
we may be going in circles
but its better than staying here
look up translations
and leave your love
in the ruins of an ancient civilization,
what a sensation
it passes through me as i pass by you
and though i’ve never seen you
i’m meaning to,
there’s a light in the doorway
that illuminates your form

and you hold it in
as i try not to realize that you are pretend
into the deep with everybody
it’s all in the movement

and we take all we can get
and we’ll all leave a legacy
on the internet
into the deep with everybody
it’s the best joke yet
Track Name: I Want My Baby Bacharach
“what the world needs now
is love sweet love
its the only thing
theres too little of

what the world needs now
is love sweet love no not just for some
but for everyone”

Track Name: Moonraiderz
“don’t say i didnt warn you about the government
when your computer spoke with such an air of authority
and i didnt think you’d wander from the mothership
but you hijacked a civilian freighter bound for synechdoche
and the armored guard was bored with sighs and politics
and boasting bout how fast their engines go from 0 to 60
they were on your tail before you got your mirror fixed
cause it doesnt take long to go from 0 to 60
and i tried to provide a distraction with my oh-so-forgettable face
but you were in the brig before i even left my base
now theyre asking you some questions about our secret operation
and the names of men and women who were counting on your statement
i didnt want to have to kill you, but i guess you had something to prove”
Track Name: Rock n Snow
There are topographic maps
fillin’ up empty space
there’s a demon fox howling
your strange sounding name
it’ll take all it can
it’s become a theme
its clawing at it’s cage
in 3/4 in my dreams.

so we trudge through the first snow
that was mostly rain
and the mischievous ice trips you
on the way to the train
so you’re no longer in a rush
we get closer each day
and just when i get comfortable
i hear him howling far away.

this giant structures gotten far too big
and its never gonna change
but somethings clogged up the subways
and everyone’s late
it’s tails are a-swirlin’
its eyes are aflame
and knowin that it’s down there is
what gets me through the day
Track Name: Fashionable Masks
An early snow
changed the leaves fast
the faces that pass
all wear the most fashionable masks
as they hurry to their destination
the sidewalk pushes back
birds are borne gracefully in a bad wind
and the fishes dance on the currents
baby dont rush to the end,
we we’re made for stumbling
Track Name: Shield of the Oversoul
Faulty eyes of caramel how you bore straight into me
we checked the poison at the door, and went to the party
oh the drugs were on the table and the girls were on the floor
and i made such a promise as id never made before
yeah i swore to be respectable and not to be irate
i swore id try to understand the choices you had made
but i didnt give my signature, no i never signed no page
and i killed all the witnesses so you wouldnt have a case
but the jury found me guilty anyway
Track Name: Backwards Song Pt. 2
“hello ladies and gentlemen
or should i say goodbye.
we'll never get out of here
its all about money.
oh it always was.
we're trapped down here,
they closed down NASA,
do you see them for who they are?
those are the criminals,
not me.
lord knows it had to be done,
i took it on myself
and was that so wrong?”
those were his final words.
he knelt to the ground.
they cut off his head.
he knelt to the ground.
those were his final words,
“and was that so wrong?
i took it on myself,
lord knows it had to be done,
not me,
those are the criminals
do you see them for who they are?
they closed down NASA,
we're trapped down here,
oh it always was
its all about money
we'll never get out of here
or should i say goodbye.
hello ladies and gentlemen”
Track Name: Recycled
I have lost my name
left it there on the choppin block
it’s comin back again
takin notes on the overstock
no reason or rhyme
disproved in the next line

I am not the same,
as I was a moment ago,
but nothing’s really changed
every piece of me resisting the flow
a universe in flux i could give
two fucks about it

it dont touch me
it all feels the same,
i’ll keep searching
though it’s in vain.
a burst of colors on a blank screen
on the otherside
coercion to dream
of universals flickering with verbs
forms are features, facets of words
Track Name: Saline
pick a spot in the lines that
twist about the wood and metal,
and dont look up. curl up in your egg
lest the walls falls away.
gloom everywhere,
death is a greasy gloom burger, it’s not unheard of
but its still a shock,
the feeling will pass away
like it does every other day.
oh golden bird,
oh golden knife of science,
we all were liars,
no cause for accusations
I reached my hand into the black
and plucked out gold, but its hollow.
there's nothing really there, its a trick of smoke and mirrors.
so here are my new hands,
same as your hands,
same as always,
same as nothing,
here are my new hands,
same as your hands,
same as nothing soon to be something again, soon to be something again, again, soon to be something again, again, soon to be something again, again, soon to be something again, again, again.
Track Name: Wood and Metal
oh, wooden vortex
if it could record information
it’d play like a phonograph
black mist condensed in the air
that flows into your hair
and molds in my hands
and falls away like backwards rain
and you feel something
but dont know what to say
so you go: ooo

oh i am lukewarm
on an infinite plane and
it still feels the same
i am pregnant with half baked ideas
for a flash i cease to exist in relation to only myself
and then my nose comes into view
this dewdrop world’s a morning nuisance for your shoes

(The Glowing Silver Orb)

the glowing silver orb,
appearing blue,
does not appear.
the fire sizzles like bacon on
lesbian satanists in an old
french movie.

the walls pounds away
the air
with our breath,
and with the smoke from cigarettes
which occasionally takes the place of breath,
we push back.
no. into the land of all seriousness
we argue and create things that
are new as each moment flows through them,
unstable explosions-
trying to fool our senses or something...

so stamens slivered from the blonde, bellowing
stomach of the table, gutted and guttural,
but huge and veined,
made of fluid wood that gives way to the touch like flesh.
swirling and growing...

and like a flash of thunder in the peripherals,
the pollen dug into to the talons of bird,
who attempted to perch
who was both golden and blue,
like splinters.

and in a blur of movement drilled into the walls,
hanging her there by her feet.

I lay my hands upon
the back of the... Ah!
cool to the touch...
-the bird, the birds back,
the bird is metal,
but then feathers,
feathers in the metal,
within, without.
like the blue and gold,
not spotted or separated,
but... simultaneous.

I feel these are words that would be truer in Braille.

So here are my hands
amongst all this wood
and metal,
and yellow light,
and lack of night stars.

Here are my hands again, far
from the clouds
that won’t show their true
purple, whose electric souls
do battle with laziness,
who tell me, “I don’t have
a soul, I am just a sum-of-parts.”

Here, are my hands
wondering if all this wood
and metal isn’t flesh?
or just as good?
beats like the pumping
or arteries.

So here are my hands
wondering what I can
reach into and what
I can pull out.
fumbling for things to turn into profit,
demonstrating in the air,
talking with cool ease,
now pocketed.

Here are my hands,
amongst all this wood
and metal and I don’t
know what to do with
I would give them to you,
if you could truly receive them.
They are made of are made of wood and metal, I realize,

that gives way to the touch like flesh.

they, too, are a shimmering simultaneity of every color,
they are sonorous whales,
they are a multiplicity of dancing electric charges,
a million subtly flickering layers,
they are like everything else.
and like everything else, they are infinitely specific.
they are not the same as they were a moment ago
these are my new hands,
sifting through primordial goo,
hoping to touch something absolute,
and in the meanwhile searching for your hands-
or the cardinal directions of your stomach.
resting on your cheeck, yet
filled with all that dancing electricity!

here are my new hands,
the same as your hands,
as wood and metal,
as fire,
as plaster and air,
as a tomato,
as a seven pound hempen shirt,
as vast and endless space.