Snax Attax pt 2 (Return of teh Snax)

by MT Orchestra

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released October 14, 2012



all rights reserved


MT Orchestra New York, New York

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Track Name: Rocket Dogz
rocket dog boots and a brand new type of runner, knew it was either we change or we would be done for, got the perfect brand of well timed deviance, looked real cool but aint makin any new friends. placed all his bets on the losing fighter, papas gonna buy a brand new lighter, almost unconscious but we knew that he'd win, born with it like it was original sin. felt it all implode in the name of happy endings, the walls he built now a kingdom worth defending, fumbled with the task without fear or frustration, the little boy was praised for his good imagination.
he pictured he was young again in his old house, and he knew that the rocket dog would jetpack south, he could see the words as they came out his mouth, wanted to see something beautiful so he would shout
Track Name: Toazt
you cant build a table out of the unexplainable, you'll need a natural map to conceptualize anything, the smoke leaves your mouth like a mushroom cloud, an old hack at reality which is showing in theatres, lost in the maze of representation, mourning your old capacity for sainthood, and lips meet at fixed points with eyes swept beneath lashes, and you new eyes are pregnant by the sensation of memory, and though the world good is meaningless by several accounts, it's a good burn
Track Name: Lightening Grievez
Its the first turn, hes got the lightning greaves
he does it every time, i find it pretty hard to believe
pretty hard to believe
this aint the first game that my hand has been a wreck
i get the funny feeling i shouldve cut your deck
is that a sol ring in your hand, well thats just great
i find it pretty goddam convenient you get it every single time we play

hey i just wanna let you know, im not gonna play in this fucked-up game
Track Name: Almond Milkz
I am build of embarrassment with a banjo on my knee, by the waters of the paradise where you kissed me on the cheek
and she could paint such a battle scene with her fingertips and hair, well id hang her lover from a balcony by the waistband of his underwear,
by sling and swath these broken arms will soon begin to mend, its easy now to speak your mind but it wont be in the end

dopamine i cant believe you are a true and loyal friend, the molecules that make of me are hard to comprehend
JOSE CUERVO shoot your arrow i can hardly stand, im sedated by the quality of this mariachi band
the trumpets blow, the guitar strums and the shaker egg will shake, but i will never understand the sounds that they have made
Track Name: Moonbeamz
wanna say what i feel, you can't blame me for trying, a flicker in a static field, you cant blame me for trying, i'm fartin' moonbeams
Track Name: Stew'z
you can kill a man for hording apples, crawl inside his ear and take him over, carry your new body to the sea, you can lie down and leave,
and he'll see himself at stew's leonards, where all the cashiers try to talk to you, and this particular one looks like his wife but better, he walks away and looks at his shoes, carries his bags of groceries into another memory, and he just cant wait to sort through it all, its a shame because the first memory was boring, but it all got cut short and that was his last thought.
Track Name: Fish'z Spine
swallow a fishs spine, poke holes in your mind, lets its ribs scrape down your gullet, spent all morning shaping my perfect mullet, ignore the pain, itll feel the same, turn off your head and you can be king, melt away watching wrestling feel the fishes eyes turn towards the screen, feel your stomach empty into the sea, open up your chest and that fish is free, open up your head and you can be as real as the real thing
Track Name: Shield of the Overzoul
Faulty eyes of caramel how you bore straight into me
how we checked the poison at the door, and went to the party
oh the drugs were on the table and the girls were on the floor
and i made such a promise as id never made before
yeah i swore to be respectable and not to be irate
i swore id try to understand the choices you had made
but i didnt give my signature, no i never signed no page
and i killed all the witnesses so you wouldnt have a case
but the jury found me guilty anyway